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Course: ASTR 201 (8640201) Section: 1 Semester: 2009-2010 Fall

Essay Questions


	- You have just landed on the Pandora[*].

	  Contrary to the movie, you want to "live" on the Pandora
	  not to take away the valuable materials from it.

	  However, among the things that bothers the human civilisation are
	  	floating rocks,
		plants that shine light,
		very very oversized trees,
		not breathable air,

	  * How are you going to deal with these?
	    (we have seen the "hard" way of dealing with these in the movie;
	     try to come up with something different)
	  * What would be your plan?
	    (or Plan B like in the movie)

	  [*] Pandora is a moon of an exoplanet (i.e exomoon) of the star
	      Alpha Centauri-A which 5 light years away from the Sun.
	      (see the movie Avatar -or- visit http://www.avatarmovie.com/)

		1- remember to question everything you know about the
		   world you know now!
		2- you cannot bend the laws of Physics however you are
		   allowed to use any kind of technology (established or not
		   yet established) - just explain how it works.
		3- Try to visualize the big picture that covers all the
		   terrestrial planets.
		4- Remember the evolution of atmospheres and the evolution
		   of the terrestrial layers.

		Don't try to dump internet junk into your essay;
		it would be to easy for me to detect such cheatings
		if the wording is NOT /yours/!
	  	26 January 2010, 23:59:59

	      Please, send all your essays to sinan@skyerli.org.
		Please, don't send your essays in paper format.
	      Please avoid WORD or HTML formats; use plain TEXT.

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